[Collection] All photos officially released by SM

A compilation of all photos that were posted by the SM staff on Redvelvet.smtown.com and Now.smtown.com.
I will just start where I left off, which was in the middle of the Be Natural promotions. All older photos can be found in earlier blog posts.

2014.11.17 Popular Culture And Arts Awards

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[Collection] All Ice Cream Cake era photos from Mnet

These M!Countdown photos are from mnet’s official website. These pics are really nice quality so I thought to make a seperate post to share all of them. Most of these were posted on several news sites as well, but usually in really bad quality.

2015.03.19 Automatic + Ice Cream Cake

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[Collection] All Ice Cream Cake era radio photos

So I haven’t updated my blog regularly with all the news that came out but I still kept collecting everything so I thought I would share all these pics now! Those are all photos that were officially released by the radio station’s websites or social media accounts. In case the girls will appear on other radio programs the next weeks I think I will just update this post here so check back then. These are only the ones during the Ice Cream Cake era. The other ones are in earlier posts.

Anyhow I’ll just list all the radio shows in chronological order

2015.03.24 슈퍼주니어의 Kiss The Radio – Sukira

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