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Performance photos

Happiness era
2014.08.01 Music Bank
2014.08.03 Inkigayo
2014.08.03 Busan Sage Music Festival
2014.08.09 Sokcho Music Core
2014.08.10 Inkigayo
2014.08.11 Sokcho Show Champion
2014.08.12 SBS The Show
2014.08.15 SM Town World Tour IV in Seoul
2014.08.19 SBS The Show
2014.08.19 16th Korea Management Conference
2014.08.21 MCountdown
2014.08.22 Arirang Simply K-pop
2014.08.23 Sharing Concert
2014.08.28 MCountdown
2014.09.11 MCountdown
2014.09.17 Incheon K-Pop Concert
2014.09.20 Push up! Love up! event
2014.09.21 Yangju Cotton Festival
2014.09.28 Hallyu Dream Concert + Red Carpet
2014.10.05 SM Town in Tokyo
2014.10.18 SM Town in Shanghai

Be Natural era
2014.10.09 MCountdown
2014.10.10 Music Bank
2014.10.15 Show Champion
2014.10.16 MCountdown
2014.10.28 The Show
2014.10.29 Open Concert
2014.11.01 Global K Centre Prime Concert
2014.11.02 Asia Song Festival
2014.11.15 APAN Star Awards
2014.12.21 SBS Gayo Daejeon

Ice Cream Cake era
2015.03.19 MCountdown
2015.03.26 MCountdown
2015.03.31 SBS The Show
2015.04.02 on MCountdown
2015.04.21/22 The Show and Show Champion
2015.05.23 Dream Concert
[Collection] All Inkigayo photos
[Collection] All photos from Mnet


2014.07.27 Happiness Teaser Images
2014.08.25 Irene for IvyClub
Sept. 2014 The Celebrity
2014.08.28 Interview photos
2014.09.02 Interview photos
2014.09.11 Interview photos
2014.09.22 Seulgi and Irene for Harper’s Bazaar
2014.09.26 Interview photos with Changmin
2014.10.07 Be Natural Teaser Images
2014.12.12 Irene for Ivy Club 2
Ice Cream Cake album photos
2015.03.23 Irene for Ivy Club 3
April 2015 Red Velvet for W Korea
May 2015 Ceci, Nylon and The Celebrity
May 2015 K-Wave and Harper’s Bazaar


2014.08.10 Mini Fan Meeting
2014.10.24 See By Chloe event
2014.11.14 Shure Press Event
2015.06.02 Girlgroup Makeup Book Event


2014.08.21 Cultwo Show
2014.08.21 Kiss The Radio
2014.08.22 Lee Sora’s Music Plaza
2014.08.31 K.Will’s Young Street Radio
2014.10.24 Blue Night Radio
2014.11.01 Idol True Colors C-Radio
2014.11.11 Seulgi at Kiss the Radio
All Ice Cream Cake era radio photos

On the street

2014.08.01 Way to Music Bank
2014.08.06 Way to Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School Radio
2014.08.08 Way to Music Bank
2014.08.15 Way to Music Bank
2014.08.22 Way to Music Bank
2014.08.24 Way to Hello
2014.09.12 Way to Music Bank
2014.09.23 Seulgi and Irene after filming Weekly Idol
2014.10.12 Way to Inkigayo
2014.10.17 Way to Music Bank
2014.10.31 Way to Music Bank
2015.04.03 Way to Music Bank
2015.04.10 Way to Music Bank
2015.05.01 Way to Music Bank
2015.05.08 Way to Music Bank

At the Airport

2014.10.04 Departure At Gimpo Airport
2014.10.06 Arrival at Gimpo airport
2014.10.18 Departure at Incheon Airport


2014.08.02 Backstage at Music Core
2014.08.04 Naver Starcast
2014.08.14 Seulgi and Wendy at a restaurant
2014.08.17 Backstage at Inkigayo
2014.08.23 Backstage at Music Core
2014.08.28 Backstage with Super Junior
2014.09.03 Selca of Joy for her birthday
2014.09.04 With 10 Asia reporters
2014.09.06 Wendy with Jaeyong
2014.09.07 Photo for Chuseok
2014.09.09 Seulgi with former SM trainee Seungyeon
2014.09.12 Joy at her school
2014.09.19 At an interview with Chosun
2014.09.20 Visiting their Sunbaes at Music Core
2014.10.10 With Kwon Soonwook
2014.10.14 Naver Starcast
2014.10.15 At Weekly Idol
2014.10.20 With Choi Hyoje
2014.10.21 Backstage at Music Bank
2014.10.28 After School Club
2014.11.01 Irene & Wendy at Three Turns
2014.11.04 SM Town Halloween Party
2014.11.08 Messages for 100 days after debut
HQ photos from January & February 2015
[Collection] All photos officially released by SM


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